David Taylor Poems

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Dance For Joy

The clouds are a skimming
Over the tops of the trees.
The birds are all chirping
Announcing a dawn symphony.

Youthful Thoughts

To play, and discover what is there,
and let the senses touch and taste and stare.
To stretch the limits of this forming form,
And fall or miss, and not give that much care.

He Spoke

He spoke quietly
And yet I heard so clearly
He spoke gently
And yet with such force

Now, Now

Your future starts
But if you missed it
Is it past?


Nelly the Elephant sat in an ivory tower
Looking out over the valley so far.
Billy the Badger, daft as a brush
Cut himself shaving, in too much of a rush.

Bird Or Fish?

The penguin’s graceful, swim
So powerful through the waters skim
No fear has this warm hearted bird
Rushing to find the huddled herd

The Beach

Salt spray on your lips
crashing waves crescendo in your ears
breaking upon cragged rocks
of ancient fears

Working Birds

They are causing some excitement.
At the end of my garden, the birds
most energetically alight on slender branches
with beaks pecking, necks arching

Just Me?

You really are the same?
Laughing, hurting, dreaming, sleeping
Drinking, eating, kissing, excreting
You really are the same?


Don’t look into my eyes that way!
Don’t look even though
we might have something
we really ought to say.