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Nelly the Elephant sat in an ivory tower
Looking out over the valley so far.
Billy the Badger, daft as a brush
Cut himself shaving, in too much of a rush.
Olli the Otter, a bit of a slouch
Was resting, stretched out on a couch.
Perry the Peli, went fishing again
But that’s a tail to tell at the end.
Eddy the Eagle was sawing
Why? I’m not saying in case it’s circulatory, boring.
Mitch well he was just monkeying around
Seeing if he could stay high up off of the ground.
Suzy the Snake she slithered around
Thinking that dinner, soon could be found.
Freddy the Fish was fishing about
To found a nice plaice to lay eggs, I don't doubt.
Whilst Harry the Human, silly old fool
Was too busy thinking, when off a cliff he did fall.
If your thinking there is a point to all this
Then watch where your walking or else you may miss
The trap that you set, that the rabbits’ not found
The one that’s gone “SNAP” as you’re looking around.

Marci Made 04 June 2007

Well, well, well, our resident Dr Zeuss....Oh David, you must print this out or write it out and read this to Daniel...He will giggle, , , , , While reading it I found myself in my head imagining the inflections in your voice like when we read, Oh the Places You'll Go or Green Eggs and Ham or Big Fish, Little Fish, and on and on..I am enjoying your stories ever so much today. Just plain old fun, and we all need doses of fun in huge quantities.~~love, marci.xo

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JoAnn McGrath 04 June 2007

lol...I thaugthI was reading a childrens story..until the end...lol

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