The Beach

Rating: 5.0

Salt spray on your lips
crashing waves crescendo in your ears
breaking upon cragged rocks
of ancient fears
until a gentle mist
from the distance falls
subduing sound and wind
and wafting on the air
the sound of tranquil music
as shadows dance
and the sun drifts out of sight
the sand warm beneath your feet
wind gentle in your hair
scented spray takes your senses
into raptures no one but you could know
and as you open your eyes
I fill them with my soft deep blueness
arms entwine your body
with such embrace as moonlight
has for snow capped mountains
and as your head swirls
you are lost in the sweetest wine
of such deep kisses
made of some magic time
when lips could only utter
such loving tenderness
that makes hearts melt
into one another.

JoAnn McGrath 11 June 2007

My place I escape too also.....not nearly as beautiful and enticing as yours.....mine only has a few dead logs....ducks and birds....but it's usually all mine when I go early: O) ......A 10 for the picture you paint here

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Marci Made 11 June 2007

Beautiful love poem that just happens to take place at The Beach.....Island Beaches are Heaven on Earth for me, my refuge to run to, , , great as always. mm. :)

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