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David Wagoner

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At The Door

All actors look for them-the defining moments
When what a character does is what he is.
The script may say, He goes to the door
And exits or She goes out the door stage left.

This Is A Wonderful Poem

Come at it carefully, don't trust it, that isn't its right name,
It's wearing stolen rags, it's never been washed, its breath
Would look moss-green if it were really breathing,
It won't get out of the way, it stares at you

Wallace Stevens On His Way To Work

The Junior High School Band Concert

When our semi-conductor
Raised his baton, we sat there
Gaping at Marche Militaire,
Our mouth-opening number.

For A Row Of Laurel Shrubs

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ascacsa 11 March 2020

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Kim McElroy 02 March 2018

Can you tell me which book of David Wagoner's I can find The Boy Who Became Seagull?

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Mary Mitchell 27 July 2012

I'd love to see Lost on here!

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Molaire Jules 14 June 2007

I saw you on the cover of '' Congratulations on your past winning! Great Job!

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David Russell Wagoner is an American poet who has written many poetry collections and ten novels. Two of his books have been nominated for National Book Awards.

Early Life

Born in Massillon, Ohio and raised in Whiting, Indiana from the age of seven, Wagoner attended Pennsylvania State University where he was a member of Naval ROTC and ...

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