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As I walk down a golden paved highway,
The sound of angels song fills my ears,
I dance amidst the couds that surround me,
A vision of paradise stretches out before me,

Your hand in mine as we stroll along the beach,
I listen to the gentle lapping of the waves on the sand,
I feel the cool evening breeze that kisses my skin,
I breathe in the salty sea air and the sweet scent of you,

Although I wear a christmas smile I am dying inside,
Christmas is not possible whithout magic,
Yet magic is an impossibility whitout love,
For only love is the gift that shall grow and grow,

I am the Dreamer, you are my dream,
You stroll through my mind your face unseen.
My breathless wish for your soft touch,
I yearn for your embrace I need you so much.

Although you shall never feel it, there is a soft touch
And tender kiss I give to you freely,
They shall linger longer than these bodies we posess,
After we are dust and gone from this life,

Inside my dream, everything is perfect,
As I peruse my thoughts, I am at peace,
Eternally alone my light shall shine true,
I have grown to appreciate my own company,

I hope you never lose that sense of fascination,
That keeps your soul in a state of consternation.
As you wander through this life, I hope you dance,
I hope life always seems to give you that second chance...

Sinking in a sea of pain and hurt,
My inner demon, my darker half,
Taunting me with my own emotions,
This heart can endure no more pain,

This is not a fairytale,
Let me allow you into my mind,
Where dreams and nightmares are possible,
Where fragtments of scattered dreams live,

I hunger for the gentle caress of love,
Cocooned in the safety of love's embrace,
Slumbering gently within loves hammock,
Perfection the only horizon within my dreams,

It engulfs me in it's cold embrace,
My soul, my very being cosumed by despair,
Silence beckons me into the abyss,
Lost and alone I wander aimlessly,

Sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit,
Execution at dawn... such a cliché,
All of my last request's denied,
Morning arrives on the final day of my existance,

I am but a twinkling star in your life of dreams,
In your eyes I stare into a beauty so extreme.
My heart it has taken flight upon this whipping wind,
I hear the calling of your soul something must begin...

Called from my deep dark slumber,
Beckoned from the darkness of my existance,
I step forth into brilliant sun light,
Your presense has awoken my heart and soul,

I dream of a better world, where we are all different shades of the same palette.
I dream of lifes disputes crumbling from our sight, never to be heard again.
I dream of blue skies and radiant flowers, as we stroll together through meadows of hope.
I dream of moonlit nights where the aroma of life permiates the air.

Who are you? May I know your name?
Are you a free spirit? Do you feel my flame?
What drives your passion? What fuels your fire?
What tune does your heart sing? What is your desire? ...

The sight of sunlight glinting on the water dazzling,
The sound of waves advancing softly on the sand,
The feeling of the suns warming kiss on my skin,
The cool dampness of the sand between my toes,

I'm sending you my angel,
With wings of pure love.
He will keep you safe from harm,
And watch you from above.

All the memories of you eternally etched into my soul,
Once you made me smile yet now only tears flow.
What happened to us? We were loves young dream,
Were we meant to fail so badly? I just don't understand.

I dream of a sleep beyond the flow of time,
Where the world cannot damage me anymore,
Where pain is but a black hole in the memory,
And the thorns of beauty tear at my flesh no more,

Cosmic Dreamer Biography

Despite what you may read in some of my writings, I am not a religious man. Why base your life on the teachings of one book when you can become all that you were meant to be by embracing the knowledge of many. Don't get me wrong though, I like the idea of religion... In the same way that I like the idea of Harry Potter, but believing in Harry Potter and basing my life on his book would be foolish... Wouldn't it? And to those of you would say I will be punished for my lack of faith I say this... 'Why would god look upon one of god's creations and call it bad... We are all the masters of our own destiny...')

The Best Poem Of Cosmic Dreamer

Heaven Is Hell

As I walk down a golden paved highway,
The sound of angels song fills my ears,
I dance amidst the couds that surround me,
A vision of paradise stretches out before me,
I breathe in life from all of my surroundings,
I have died and become an immortal,
Golden haloed angels have become my company,
Blooms of lush flowers and birdsong surround,
And in this paradise I search for you my love,
I call out your name, yet you do not answer,
My past lifes lived must have been sinful indeed,
Where my crimes against humanity so unspeakable?
What sins must I have committed to deserve this?
For I have searched this never ending paradise,
And now I know heaven is hell... For you are not here...

Spread the love... The peace will follow...

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nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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Silentpoet Grl 31 October 2011

A true poet - taking words and molding such rich imagery- painting beautiful pictures with every write! Truly a brilliant and passionate writer! Keep up the Amazing work!

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(De Va) 31 October 2011

only a few of your poems I have read, many more are in my stead. Soon to be so many more, not just keep from being a bore, I say adieu until we meet, and then I will allow you to worship at my feet....... haha...jk...really wanted to say I love what I have read so far. Your writes are filled with such passion and are the words of a true romantic....thanks for sharing.....blessings

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