Death's Shadow

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Light the flame,
keep the darkness at bay.
Beware the night,
take heed of those afraid of light.

Every night,
I went to bed hoping
that you'd change
and everything would be like it used to.

If I am your one and only
then why is she in your arms?
If you love me
then why did you leave me?


Lay still and close your eyes,
I know it hurts,
I know you're scared.

Drive a stake through it,
shoot it with a.45,
rip it out.
Send death to my heart

Rain assaults the abandoned house,
trees bend and sway in the driving wind.
Wolves growl and snarl,
pulling their young in close.

Come with me
I'll take you away
into a world of magic.

It's 2 a.m.
and I'm sitting here
all alone in this world
ever since you left me.

With a smile even the devil would flee from
and a fire in his eyes stolen from hell,
he laughs a laugh that would put Kronos to shame.
As a red pool, deep crimson as the eyes of evil hisself,

The heartache is at end,
though you're not by my side.
You didn't explain
or apologize.

If i died today,
would you have things left unsaid?
or would it be just another day for you?

As the sun sets,
I'll lay down and die for you.

You want to be five,
you want to cover your ears to block out the screaming,
you want him to care again.


I'm sorry I'm not perfect,
I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted.
I tried so hard,
but fell short of your ideals.

Burn it down,
the memories are to painful.

I can not look,

The cold steel touchs my skin
and I shake in anticipation,
heart pounding in my chest.

Sweet dreams,
my love.

Take a last look at the world

I can feel blood flowing through my veins,
heart pounding in my chest.
I think of you
and then a knife,

Three sisters grew up together,
eldest, middle, young,
each with her own story
of how their lives were torn.

I lay awake
and watch you sleep.
A peaceful smile upon your face
and I wonder,

Death's Shadow Biography

just a girl trying to make it through life, and hoping i can fly away from here one day)

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Shadow Monsters

Light the flame,
keep the darkness at bay.
Beware the night,
take heed of those afraid of light.
Worse than monsters under the bed,
worse than monsters hiding in the closet.
Behind you, they silently creep,
waiting for you to sleep.
Power hungry,
they feed off fear.
Pain is what they intend to induce,
whenever they are set loose.
Bars can't stop them,
chains won't hold them.
They prey on those who still have innocence,
making use of their ignorance.
Victims are left bleeding and broken,
never to be the same again.
Every breath tears you apart,
every touch steals more of your soul.
They'll stalk you throughout the day,
until the night says its time to play.
these cold-hearted monsters of the shadows,
walk among us, looking as normal as you and me.

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Venus Palermo 24 April 2012

Hi, how can I contact you about using this poem of you? Thanks.

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