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lonely.. clueless..
don't know what to do without you..
my heart is breaking in two..

say it- will you?
don't leave me wondering
what you could be up to
the nights are endless

as a watch time pass me by
scenes of loneliness flash across my weary mind
i wish i could just close my eyes
and forget about the night's blinding light.


think everything can be solved with a single word
then nothing would hurt like a sword
another theory says it can give refreshment
to a once wounded heart so as to end torment

the fragrant smoke has risen through the air
its aroma has stuck to my hair
reminding me of sweet memories
spent with you over cups of coffee

darkness has enveloped the bright clear sky
the tears never seem to run dry
slowly and softly like sad water they flow
taking away my life's passionate glow..

been trying to see what's on my mind which flatters
checkin', it's what on the heart that matters
wondering if i could let the latter dominate
and leave everything to the dreaded fate..

life must have been cruel these days
the consequences of the past always leave a trace
if only a spur of the moment could wipe them away
i shouldn't have been living all in gray.

it hurts.. i don't know why, it just did
i don't know how it began, i just found out it's there already
seeing you just around is making me harder each day
you're indeed there, yet so away from me..

i could see nothing but desire
something deeper is just hanging upon a wire
there's nothing more i could expect
but plain and simple fondness minus the spark..

i tried to retrieve something, but there's none i could find
i wanted to figure out if the feeling's gotten anything behind
i just don't know what exactly to expect or look for
it's just that having you around isn't doing me good anymore..

leave me a loser, leave me worthless
take everything with you, so with my senses
take the love away as you wish
but don't leave me in all the pain and anguish..

it is contained in his eyes
but it's something he denies
i hope i can look out for more
he keeps it..he looks at me con amor..

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Death Is Life Without You

lonely.. clueless..
don't know what to do without you..
my heart is breaking in two..

i hope i can just sleep this out
the moment i wake up you'll be there
watching.. reassuring comfort

i tried to divert my eyes
and that included my heart
but wherever i stare, it's you i can't depart.

truly, my heart belongs to you
i just hope you feel the same way too
but if somebody else is in it today
i'll keep the pain inside, never will i bid goodbye..

i don't wanna lose in this gamble
but if losing the game's gonna make you happy
i'd rather turn around and set you free.

you can leave this lonely heart..
longing.. empty..
you may destroy my life which used to be
serene.. pacific.. tranquil
but you cannot destroy the love i feel right from the start.

go and sail your way
take my heart as well
you won't be needing this i know..
but here with me apart from you
this is just a geometric figure
useless.. meaningless.. doomed to die a dark death..

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