Demar Henry Poems

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Till I Die

I’m grateful for every chance I get to ventilate my lungs
So I pull passionately on every breath
I know one day I must collide with death
When my friends and loved ones must pay last respects

A Concept Of Life

Expand your knowledge
Exercise your wisdom
Intellectual growth; leads to mental freedom
Attainment of the right philosophy will dispel life’s misconceptions

Piecing Together A Fragmented Heart

I was caught off guard
And I fell in love

It is like a trap


Captivity I despise;
Those are the words that leave your mouth
But it is still your reality
For you are shackled from the inside-out

Serial Stalker

I know that you are scared
So I thrive on your fear
You pretend I don't exist
Try to make me disappear

Cupid's Visa To Heaven

Cupid's Arrow penetrated the nucleus of my heart like a poison dart
It started off as nothing much
Nothing but just a crush
Absorbing the nutrients of fantasy

Resist Di Pressure

I nah follow nuh guy
Smoke weed and red up me eye
Mek dem season spliff give me
Lizard tail me

Time Immortal

As I sit on the coach in the living room
I listen to the time passing by
There is nothing interested on T.V
And all I hear is time passing by


Too much racial prejudice is exercised
In this society where I reside
I find that often I am ostracized
Just cause I am 'black' I am pushed to the side

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