Cupid's Visa To Heaven Poem by Demar Henry

Cupid's Visa To Heaven

Rating: 4.5

Cupid's Arrow penetrated the nucleus of my heart like a poison dart
It started off as nothing much
Nothing but just a crush
Absorbing the nutrients of fantasy

The crush grew
By the time i realized what;
We were already saying 'I love you'
This affair of the heart was like a river overflowing it's banks spilling over on hormones

Guess that explains your wetness
Mischief ceases the opportunity sensing that there is no witness
Curiosity, mystery creates interest
Hormones already kicking like martial arts
Which lead to us studying the Kama Sutra Arts
You and I alone in the dark
Exploring each other's sensuous parts

Me kissing on your neck
You breathing heavily
You're talking nonsense but what you say sounds so heavenly

Night nurse; let the doctor operate

My pet creature in transparent costume
Lays in a patch of dark grass with the earth below the colour of caramel
The warmth of the enchanted cave has me under a spell
As i enter into the gates of heaven, moving to and fro
The motion of the ocean, gently down your stream like a canoe i row

Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 20 March 2009

This is truly sensual and beyond. The imagery is great that comes from this piece.

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Demar Henry

Demar Henry

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