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A beating drum...
Pounding... pounding...

Steadfast tunes

I fold my hands
In fear
Of what seems to be
The death of my being.

Affection is futile;
Admiration, another.
Plain bewilderment
Is shed

I cherish my
Now that I'm
Old and


I played the game with a smile.

Pawns suppressing the move
Made by my hand for the king.

Abandoned buildings
Made to undress
In the wilderness
See forth a cue.

She can never be
A part of me
Although I tried.
God knows I tried.

A soothing walk down
The park lets my mind
Groove upon the shadows.

I offer my hands
In pale colors.
Faceless and formless
Though silence

Someone said:
'Love was never a word.
Only a shadow
That hides by the hinds of daylight.'

A friend I've never seen -
Waving and smiling and laughing.
Hiding all sorrows away
Beneath faint morning smiles.

Have I been
Of heaven's currency
I would have bought

Someone dropped a pen.
His name was Prose.
'Write.' Said he.
'Use it to bind ideas

I thought I knew
What I was dreaming:

The night time walks

I died the time when love was born.
I died, you see, I died.
If there's one thing that ever kills,
That thing is love inside.

Speak to the heart
Of a dying man
Corroded by the words
Said in gradual

Let me die silently
Before the time I wake.
The body deserves a rest
As the soul needs to be freed.

Stuck in a rut, or so they say.
Verses and rhyming won't come my way.

Played dots with words and scheme of things;

I have heard the common vow -
The repetitive words of the tongue
And the conceited mind.

The moment you left me
I see myself walking away
With nowhere left to go,
Nowhere else to stay.

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A Beating Drum

A beating drum...
Pounding... pounding...

Steadfast tunes

For the moment
Silence listens.

For a moment
Loudness beckons
To the beat heard
The empty form.

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The only way for me to respect your beliefs is that you do not discriminate my unbelief.

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Dennis Go Popularity

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