A Prayer Poem by Dennis Go

A Prayer

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I fold my hands
In fear
Of what seems to be
The death of my being.

In prayer,
I stumbled to my knees
Asking indecisive pardon
Rejected by my sins.

Too long a time
Since my eyes were once open,
Replenishing sights
Of Calvary forgotten.

Much more of pain
To be redeemed
By slits of resurrection
Given by my creed.

Ease me of the world
Whom I made my shelter
In these arms
Sewn together.

I gave this life
For the want of the world
Only to realize
The evils untold.

Tell me Sir,
Would you reach out for me
And cast your rays
Of eternity?

I've done much grieving
Though forgiveness I can't see.
Say Lord, will you heed me?
Say Lord, will you take me?

Shannon Wade 13 March 2010

you painted me a picture, i could see you submitting your worries to the lord literally. the pain could be felt in your words, this is very powerful

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Indira Renganathan 27 January 2010

A very submissive poem...well penned10

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Jester's P 14 January 2010

very well penned dear poet. the standard of poetry is well aplied...keep the legacy of the philosophy and descipline of poetry. ...the poem is a message of honesty- the acceptance of personal limitation, weakness, and emptiness. thanks.

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Chitra - 13 January 2010

deep, thought provoking. A spiritual catharsis! ! !

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Dennis Go

Dennis Go

Manila, Philippines
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