Dennis Ryan Poems

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Telling The Plain Truth

"An honest tale speeds best being plainly told."
-Queen Elizabeth speaking in William Shakespeare's RICHARD III

August 25,2006

The Poem Behind The Poem

March 27,2006

Poems always exist behind poems
whether we realize it or not,

Listening For You: The Psychology Of Art

Friday night March 2,2012; revised Tuesday, May 24,2016

Art comes from everywhere, is beautiful, inspiring,
thoughit can neither sustain nor save us. It need not,

Written After Translating Basho's "Tsuki Wa Aredo"

Friday afternoon March 29,2019 at 12: 11 p.m.

It seems natural to sense
something or someone missing,

April 29,2005

'I understand what Carolin [Emcke] meant about victims of violence and trauma experiencing solitude.'
- Svetlana Alexievich during an interview on Book tv, C-Span 2, recorded April 25,2005

A Street Light, Early Morning, Just Prior To Dawn

Sunday morning, September 18,2022 at 12: 25 a.m.

A street light, early morning, just prior to dawn,
close by our home; then Venus and Mars shining

Origin, Ireland: We Feel These Places Home

Friday, July 15, Sunday, July 17, and Wednesday, July 20,2022

"It is very difficult to find the beginning."
--Philippe Claudel, Les Âmes grises

Tree Of Life: The Seed

Composed on Tuesday morning, March 13,2012 after watching Darren Aronofsky's film THE FOUNTAIN; revised Monday afternoon, July 26,2021

'A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth,
But the soul of the unfaithful feeds on violence.'

Wallace Stevens' Writing Of 'of Mere Being'

Tuesday morning, May 22,2018

'It is only that this warmth and movement are like
The warmth and movement of a woman.'

Wednesday afternoon, January 23,2019 at 4: 05 p.m.; Thursday morning, January 24,2019 at 10: 49 a.m.; Friday morning, February 15 at 10: 40 a.m.

'To meet as far this morning
From the world as agreeing

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