The Poem Behind The Poem Poem by Dennis Ryan

The Poem Behind The Poem

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March 27,2006

Poems always exist behind poems
whether we realize it or not,
and I don't mean in the usual sense
of trying to elicit an unexpressed subject.
No.The poem behind the poem
is trying to reach you, speak directly
to you, tell you how it's feeling,
what's on its mind, wanting you to know,
the telling more important than the told.
Can you hear its tones, its emphases?
Can you guess its moods?
Can you imagine its expressions, how it moves?
Can you tell it has a lot to tell you?
You see, it's lonely in there
despite the press of loved ones,
and it doesn't have a lot of time with you,
or without you for that matter.
These, and sundry others, it tells
to bring the poem home to you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: communication,poet,poetry,reading,telling
Sometimes you must look inside or behind the poem, read very closely to realize what the poet is actually trying to say because the poet may prove reticent, evasive, etc. in writing the poem.
Sylvia Frances Chan 14 February 2024

I like the poem very much and I am still learning about poetry due to your presence. Thank you so much for your presence on Poem Hunter, Professor Ryan

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Clever poem about introducing the Muse who hides within each poet inspiring the poem...Welcome to PoemHunter!

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Dennis Ryan 17 January 2019

Lorraine, Glad you read the poem The Poem Within the Poem. I never thought of it that way exactly, but you are right: the Muse hides in each of us. It just came out one day when I was thinking in a general way about what my poems are really trying to say.

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Gajanan Mishra 15 January 2019

Poem and life, love and time, here with us.

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Michael Hopkins 15 January 2019

Yes, there are poems within poems. Clever poetry. Well done.

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Dennis Ryan 15 January 2019

Glad you liked it.

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Dennis Ryan

Dennis Ryan

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