A Street Light, Early Morning, Just Prior To Dawn Poem by Dennis Ryan

A Street Light, Early Morning, Just Prior To Dawn

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Sunday morning, September 18,2022 at 12: 25 a.m.

A street light, early morning, just prior to dawn,
close by our home; then Venus and Mars shining
brightly, bright stars they are though letting me know—
you, speck of dust, you; I accept; speck of dust.

That kind of humility a kindness, a blessing. Like Latin
said at mass, prayer, 'Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo.'
God bless, whatever, whenever it happens to be; and,
no, not god-wrought. Not all at. No god. Just dust all.

Dust. From the universe formed. You and I. Your, mine,
everyone's. Our times and places. So many people. Thank you,
universe. You are all, whatever we take you to be; here, there,
everywhere. I am so thankful for everything. Just glad to be here.

Sunday, September 18, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: gratitude,human life,universe,mystery,human being,happiness,human condition,human brain,prayer,creation,blue planet,earth,stars,venus,mars,sky,light,observation,dust,astronomy
Life, to me, is a mystery; an unsolved mystery. And we, I'm afraid, are not much of anything when considered in the greater scheme of things. Yes, we are insignificant. Particules of dust. Yet what dust. Happy, alive to be here. To carry on our lives, while they last, with others.
Richard Wlodarski 19 September 2022

Considering that you, we and I are all mere particles of dust, this is a magnificent tribute

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Dennis Ryan 26 September 2022

Richard, I responded to your comment a few days ago, Poem Hunter accepted my comment, but then it did not appear under 'Activities', and still has not to my knowledge, that is, has not unless the comment is being hidden from view.

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Dennis Ryan 23 September 2022

I wrote back to you, Richard, yesterday in fact. Did you receive my message?

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Dennis Ryan 22 September 2022

Glad I found someone with whom to agree. Thanks, Richard. I think I have heard from you before. Will look at your poems when I have a chance.

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Dennis Ryan

Dennis Ryan

Wellsville, New York
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