Listening For You: The Psychology Of Art Poem by Dennis Ryan

Listening For You: The Psychology Of Art

Rating: 3.7

Friday night March 2,2012; revised Tuesday, May 24,2016

Art comes from everywhere, is beautiful, inspiring,
thoughit can neither sustain nor save us. It need not,
of course, yet art promises so much.The work of art?
More to the point, whatif I should lose you?Enduring loss
after loss, I have come to realize that saying "me" says "you"
simultaneously, and such newfound knowledge is bitter,
grievous, and I don't know how to grieve such added grief—
I listen for you, the sound of your voice sounding somewhere
in the distance, then nearby, finally coming home to rest in me.

Sunday, January 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: grief ,growth,human nature,loss,love and art,psychology,sound
The speaker of the poem listens for the sound of the voice of a lost, loved one, realizing that the lost person is as much a part of him as the pronoun "me".Even when he says "you", it also means "me".
Kostas Lagos 09 March 2019

I read both of your " pschology of art " poems. I am jealous that I didn't write them! Yes, I see the resemblance

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Dennis Ryan 10 March 2019

Kostas, I just reread your poem " Whisper" , and appreciate it more now than the first time I read it. That should tell you something about your writing of this poem: i.e. it has staying power. I tried to comment on it on the poem's page, but I don't know if my comment came through.

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Dennis Ryan 10 March 2019

In any event, thanks for taking the time to read the two Psychology of Art poems. I still recall the amazement I felt when first reading Wallace Stevens' poem " Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour" . An incredible poem! The thing is, he owned the experience that led to the writing of this incredible poem. And he wrote it after age 70. So you have plenty of time left to write equally well!

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Dennis Ryan 10 March 2019

Kostas, we can only write poems, etc. based on our individual experiences, what we learn from our own experiences. Your experiences are yours; mine are mine. We learn from each other's poems, and those of other good writers, this way. No need then to be jealous. I think the word is " gratitude" .

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Dennis Ryan

Dennis Ryan

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