Derek Pape Poems

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In The Space Between Us

It was the space that was filled with one not knowing the other.
When we met and talked for the first time.
The space disintegrated in a few short hours of time spent with each other.
I have never loved as I love you.

In Your Eyes

I see myself in your eyes.
I see your love for me and feel your passion and warmth.
In your eyes I have found a peace and love I have never known before.
You have shown me the path and the way of love.

The Things I See In You

The things I see in you.
Has brought me thus far.
You have helped me face my shadows, and brought me to a place of peace.
Your strength and energy inspire me, to make me reach farther then I would have dared.


Of words said and unsaid, and actions taken or not.
I know for me the path to take is the one less traveled.
That is where I will find what I know I need.
The paradox between what I know I need, and what I want.

Hand In Hand

We walk through life together.
Hand in hand.
Two independent souls connected to each other.
We are sharing the wondrous journey of life and love.


Wrapped in your religion.

Protected by your faith.

Are We Of Lesser Men

Are we of lesser men void of the right thing to do?

Of questionable deeds committed in the gray area far from the black and the white.


Balancing on the edge about to fall into the abyss.

There is the fine thread of love.

Is Love

Created from that which is.
But it cannot be found by ones self.


You cannot seek absolution from the dead.
Perhaps you knew she would not forgive you.

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