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In the vast desert,
Blows the dust and gentle sand,
Hot day and cold night.

O golden moonlight,
Bathe me in your warm delight,
Please heal my sinking heart,
Pieces broken not in sight.

River of sorrow has again burst its banks,
Flooded by painful memories of yesteryears,
Though my tears had long dried,
But sparks of hope in the ashes never died.

O love!
Strike me hard,
Burn me in your fire,
I will endure.

My desert blooming,
Sweetness of it’s wild flowers,
Stay hidden from you.

I have carried this broken heart,
From one sunrise to another sunset,
With a thousand years of pain,
Your parting words still echoed in my dry veins.

You wonder,
Did the desert wind already forgotten to pass?

No dearest, it has always blown so gently…

My pain
Stay silent and hidden in my heart
My smile
My laughter


Memories are like seasons,
Come spring they are refreshed again and again,
You say, poems are just poems!
But no dearest one,

Golden clouds had passed,
As rain in a distant land,
Grass here.. withered dry.

Icy cold,
Sweet refreshing grape juice,
That I never miss in Empire Restaurant.
Slowly I took my sips,

I met silent night,
Saw a light of firefly,
I thought it a star.

A tired green bird flew a very long journey,
Came to a stop in a beautiful valley.
There were many birds of all colours singing and playing,
Among them he saw a beautiful golden bird,

I knew, from the very first day we met,
That this relationship will end in pain,
But still, I would repeat it again and again,
For those days we were together,

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In the vast desert,
Blows the dust and gentle sand,
Hot day and cold night.

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Desert Life Popularity

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