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i run from me
i run from you
i run from love
i run from hate

No One Listens To Me! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

does no one understand these tears i cry
you tell me one thing but yet do you mean it
every thing i hear now burns through my ear
im so sick of how i am treated

Beam Of Light

i am alone
does no one care about me
do they not hear me screaming for help
i have no heart all that is inside of me is dust my face is pale with dark shadows forming around my eyes

Lost Love

our love was leaving both of us
so i took out the key to your heart
i tried to stick it in but it didnt fit
i tried every thing

Moonless Night

this world is dark
as a moonless night
every thing is so shallow and dark
and a spark of light dare not show through the dark sky

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my poems i write are how i feel on good days and bad :)

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