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i run from me
i run from you
i run from love
i run from hate

does no one understand these tears i cry
you tell me one thing but yet do you mean it
every thing i hear now burns through my ear
im so sick of how i am treated

i am alone
does no one care about me
do they not hear me screaming for help
i have no heart all that is inside of me is dust my face is pale with dark shadows forming around my eyes

our love was leaving both of us
so i took out the key to your heart
i tried to stick it in but it didnt fit
i tried every thing

this world is dark
as a moonless night
every thing is so shallow and dark
and a spark of light dare not show through the dark sky

tear stained pillows
heart broken feelings
over some one i will never have
its such a shame on how many nights i cried for you

you have sadness inside
so do i
you feel great pain inside
i know how it is

my heart was filled with love for you
but you crushed it in your hand and let the broken pieces drift away
ive cried so many tears for you and now there dry
there are no butterflies now just moths

why cant i tell you i love you
its just three simple words from my voice
i wish i could scream it from a hill so every one can hear me
say it


missing you
loving you
biting you
threatening you

this fragile thing i hold in my hand
is small and a little bit twisted
this thing i give to you i wish for you to love it forever
dont let it fall

you may cry for she is gone
grieve for days, months, years, and never move on

or we can smile because she has lived and was ours

your the one who drys these tears
your the one who drains my fears
your the one who will always be there
and i am the one who loves you and always will

i am a rag doll
always thrown on the floor
to be left all alone in a cold world
throw me againts the wall

i look deep into your starry eyes that are filled with wonderment and amaze
with a sweetglow brightly shining on your face
i am amazed two see how much u changed
my eyes get teary from your smile

you promised me a key
a key to your heart
but you lost it in your lies
you said my love you would come

i sit here with open arms
for when i am needed
but when i need help
everyone disappears

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my poems i write are how i feel on good days and bad :))

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I Run From Me, You, Love, Hate, And The Chance Of Us Being Together

i run from me
i run from you
i run from love
i run from hate
i run from the fear of losing you
and yet i run from coming closer to you

can you not see how i feel
do i hide my true emotions for you well
or do you ignore them with a smile
and pretend like theres nothing between us

if i told you that i loved you
would you feel shocked
or do you already know

ill keep running then
for i feel like i cant tell you
how i feel
so ill run from you, me, love, hate
and the chance of us ever being together

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