Dev Anand Poems

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In Silence She Came,

In silence she came,
sat near me on the river bank.
We looked together in moonshine
smiled and enjoyed the beauty.

I Want To Love

I want love
i want a kiss
i want your touch
i am yearning for all these.

In The Corner Of My Soul

In the corner of my soul
i hid a golden box.

i have a rose petal there

Your Lover Is A Poet.

You are
in the workshop
of a poet

Making Me Feel The Pain Of Waiting.

She was walking on the other shore.
My heart wanted to run to her
on the other beautiful shore.

We Will Hug Together And Sink In The Deep Waters.

Do you come with me now?
Shall we travel together to another planet?

Look! ! ! Far away is another planet.

With A Look That Mesmerizes Me.

You appear before me
in different poses
with a look that mesmerizes me.
i love you my darling.

I Am In A Mood, Indescribable.

i am in a mood
my lover waits for me
at the shore to kiss me.

On The Flowers.

My heart is full of flowers
when I am lost in thought.

Through this flower laid way

Rain-Pearls And Necklace

I made a necklace with rain-pearls
and adorned your neck.

It was tremendous joy.

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