Making Me Feel The Pain Of Waiting. Poem by Dev Anand

Making Me Feel The Pain Of Waiting.

Rating: 4.8

She was walking on the other shore.
My heart wanted to run to her
on the other beautiful shore.

But I controlled myself and sat
under this tree full of flowers.

It was such a desire and wished
that she runs up to me on this shore.

But she came slowly,
purposely slowly,
making me feel the pain of waiting.

Making Me Feel The Pain Of Waiting.
Thursday, March 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: waiting
Punnara Mol 11 July 2016

Making me feel the pain of waiting, Oh dear Poet, you know there is a pleasure in wating, it is even thrilling, the intencity matters how deep you love the other, and how important he or she is.

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such a nice clearly expressed each and every feeling and the feeling how we feel when we wait for some body.......very well penned dear poet!

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Aarifa Almas 23 April 2016

A BIG WOOOWWWW for this awesome poem.. Enjoyed every bit of it.. Very true and very natural poem.. Waiting for someone we love is very difficult (and even if they are coming towards us in their normal pace we feel they are doing it purposely.... Lols. Just kidding..) Beautifully penned.. A perfect 10+++

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Anne Yun 15 April 2016

this waiting is wonderful, the sweetest anxiety!

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Cigeng Zhang 08 April 2016

In love, waiting is a bitter and sweet thing. You wrote a beautiful love poem for Waiting. Enjoyed.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 November 2018

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Susheela Shiju 12 November 2018

You write so beautiful love poems dear Dev! 10

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Mary Skarpathiotaki 19 August 2018

Romance need a women also needs many things. Have a nice day.10+++++++++++++++

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Diane Montemayor 04 September 2017

Dear Poet Dev, It is worthy to wait for someone who truly cares and is willing to be waited...(hehehe) .. Nice poem...I feel the anxiety and discomfort while waiting.... Sincerely, diane

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Poornima Thapa 16 July 2016

My heart wanted to run to her.... expressing the feelings of a one who loves..Good Poem

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