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In silence she came,
sat near me on the river bank.
We looked together in moonshine
smiled and enjoyed the beauty.

I want love
i want a kiss
i want your touch
i am yearning for all these.

In the corner of my soul
i hid a golden box.

i have a rose petal there

You are
in the workshop
of a poet

She was walking on the other shore.
My heart wanted to run to her
on the other beautiful shore.

Do you come with me now?
Shall we travel together to another planet?

Look! ! ! Far away is another planet.

You appear before me
in different poses
with a look that mesmerizes me.
i love you my darling.

i am in a mood
my lover waits for me
at the shore to kiss me.

My heart is full of flowers
when I am lost in thought.

Through this flower laid way

I made a necklace with rain-pearls
and adorned your neck.

It was tremendous joy.

I remember your hugs,
your love
our intimate moments
you are a man without taboos

My adorable one.

In sweet moments
lost in the world of sweet memories

Today she flies
from Munich to Rome.

She told me:

Mummy, why are there double rainbows?
Because they are lovers.
Since they love each other so much
they always come together in the skies.

I kissed her eyes
with my tongue.
Lifted slowly
the eyelids with my tongue

You came dancing to me
burning with passion.

I watched you dancing.

I do feel.
I have emotions.
flowing through my veins
when I see you naked.

I was at the holy shrine
praying before the holy presence.

Suddenly i saw a golden rosary

Only our love
burns in me.

This love lasts

I covered myself
with several layers
of transparent fineness.

The Best Poem Of Dev Anand

In Silence She Came,

In silence she came,
sat near me on the river bank.
We looked together in moonshine
smiled and enjoyed the beauty.
We saw the slow flowing river,
heard the music of the river,
enjoyed the stillness together.

I was silent.
She was silent.
We prayed in silence.
We loved in silence.

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Sarah Mkhonza 02 August 2016

I really love the power that this poem gives a reader to know that love goes beyond the passion between two people. It makes me see that it is a gift that is always flowing from our Source. Thanks for writing it.

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan 08 April 2016

Your poems remind me of my dearest Beloved, who is very sensuous by nature. I am by nature romantic. But my Beloved appears to be into Hard Core things only. I can also offer hard core love to my Beloved.... but for that Beloved has to talk to me sweetly, and visit my house like one of my own. These days my Beloved sometimes even refuses to recognise me. What kind of love then can I offer.... only the love from my Soul....

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