I Am In A Mood, Indescribable. Poem by Dev Anand

I Am In A Mood, Indescribable.

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i am in a mood
my lover waits for me
at the shore to kiss me.

He wants to take me
to the middle of the river.
There he wants to kiss me.

Then we will be all alone
in the midst of the waters.

We like to row into the river
at night when the moon
shines only for us two.

I am in a mood to be taken
by my lover in the boat
where we will whisper
mantras of love
when he penetrates me.

I am in a mood indescribable.

This mood is divine.
because true love
is a reflection of God's love for me.

(Graphic: Ольга saved to любовь

I Am In A Mood, Indescribable.
Monday, November 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: divinity,love,love and art,love and dreams,love and life
Susheela Shiju 26 November 2018

beautifully penned dear Dev!

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Bhavika Jain 26 November 2018

Very well potrayed. Love to read

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Mahtab Bangalee 26 November 2018

speechless cause- no word for describing the divine beauty! - lovely writing

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 November 2018

Lovers wait to feel love and indescribable mood motivates them. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned.10

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 03 December 2018

when he penetrates me. in the western world they'd say he slides into me when he kisses my lower lips and cummmms within me penetration appears too direct for me... but your choice of pictures of girls fascinates me I too enjoy secretly your ones so lovely show more of em kindly

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Naila Rais 02 December 2018

Sweet and warm..............10.... U may like to read my poems too. Naila

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Mary Skarpathiotaki 27 November 2018

good poem with..sexual mood i like you! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Unwritten Soul 26 November 2018

Thank you for inviting me, you always write a romantic poem the way you like it sounds. I think you have fun writing it as it sound sincerely.

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Luz Hanaii 26 November 2018

Well penned, showing passionate love. Thank you for sharing.

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