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(I know the following poem is really big, but I hope you enjoy the story)

Timu and Tigi were friends,
they lived at different ends,

It was not raining but sky was a big cloud
I heard my name and looked into the crowd
Saw you right there...waving in purple and blue
Agone, we wished to be each other's shroud.

There is rhythm in my talk, have you grooved by it ever?

There is dream in my sight, have you seen it ever?

A mere smile is giving me feeling of guilt,
Feeling of sadness has engulfed my heart into the dark well it has built.
Knowing someone wont be around does shatter,
makes feel of the night even as the sunlight scatter,

when i reached her place, eager to see her face,
as i was fastening my fingers through my hair,
i felt scintillated, my god! ! ! today her charm was so so so fair,
& my heart started singing.....

Has been long since I had a fight,
Has been long since I did a write,

Has been long since I was offended to compete,

When I was child, I called Him DevBappa
Then came to know His many names to call.
His stories always fantasized and inspired all,
well, God's stature is ever growing tall.

How long does it take you to turn other way,
how long you take to open wings & flyaway,

no matter how comfortably with me you groove,

On eve of this holy dark night, I see some stars twinkling up there bright.
One is Red, other is Blue another White.
Can someone tell me which one should I follow because I dont know which one is Right.

(saw a sweet girl in bus... she was interesting so tried to describe what she did)

I wonder what you were upto,
I wonder what you think,

I know the bench where one can study,
I know the ground where one can say- 'm sturdy,
this is my hometown, I have grownup here,
I know where to find my dear ones even when all are in hurry.

Emotions gives us $miLe,
Emotions gives us Pain,
If you flow in tHem witHout Luck...
Your Life cAn Go in vAin.

Love has many beautiful faces,
earlier it was just the teddy and mickey,
even the jeannie and small wonder vicki,
you find more love as you get lucky.

Come to me when you need me,
my help & I will be always there,
other times, leave me all alone,
being around me doesnt matter! ! !

you hug me,
pamper me &
care for me a lot,

you are the Golden girl & m a toy of clay,
i wonder why you love me! !

you live in clouds & i reside on rocks,

Sometimes we are in the heap of sand
Sometimes on the green grass land
Sometimes we decide for years ahead
Sometimes we just go with the unplanned

the sun showing way may have gone away
but the guiding ray of light is still yours

the positivity of the book may have gone away

I shall be a doctor is what my beloved wished for,
But to be a techie-weckie guy is what I dreamed for,
Though I tried for them, it ended up as I wished for,
Have I got it all?

It was going to be the evening of my lifetime,
I had gathered such courage manytime,
but fear of losing sight of her smile
forever stopped my eyes speaking all the time.

Dhanesh (trying to be) poet Biography

I Believe in Beauty of Life... I Believe There is Beauty in Every Single Thing & in Every Creature of the World. You Jus Have to Believe it to See it... All are God's Beautiful Creation. About Me! ! ! I am Imperturbable, Cool, Easy going, Unruffled, Philanthropic & Receptive. Somtime m Clubby, Somtime m Demure... Somtime m Impassioned & Somtime m Infuriated. Basically, My Mood Drives Me A Lot bt I Hardly Get Knackered... I Love My Life & People in My Heart... I Lovvveee Them a Lot. That’s How I'm - Vehement, Friendly, Sensitive, Jocund....... Poems for me is like music... its everywhere. But I do not pen it most of the time. There are very few times when I do pen my poems & I wished to share. Few of those you can find on PoemHunter. All the Best for everything in your Life. Have a Beautiful Life. Keep Smiling, Keep rocking :) - Dhanesh Aradhye)

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* Timu And Tigi Story *

(I know the following poem is really big, but I hope you enjoy the story)

Timu and Tigi were friends,
they lived at different ends,
even then the relation never descends,
talk and tease, all there without amends.

charm of the two was comparable to none,
many tried but no one was able to outdone,
they were diverse & infinite & always having fun,
but it lasted only till her heart wasn't won.

one day Tigi told Timu abt a boy with name Reejay,
she thought of him as the best all the way,
Timu knew he was just fooling Tigi away,
and he reckon Reejay was a big liar and jerk till today.

Timu told her all the things he knew,
dubious was her decision about the relation to pursue,
at times she wished Timu sayings to be untrue,
her mind is in perplexity for having what she want to.

Tigi was in no mind, she went to Reejay,
wished he was the same way person which he portray,
she only received was truth- unreliable and dismay,
their relationship was now a complete disarray.

she was bit shattered and was in lot confusion,
so decided to have a winter vacation,
she knew it wont be anythin full of sensation,
but felt it would atleast bring some elation.

no matter how much Timu she trust,
love of Reejay in her life seemed to be a must,
made up her mind to make blunt all the thrust,
make all doubts go away, misapprehension combust.

Reejay has to turn to good side, he has to be nice,
with this wish alone Tigi didnt put relation to cease,
but she wasnt sure how realy to deal with the vice,
but then came up the friend Timu with some gr8 advice.

T&T started executing planned stuff,
somthing were true & some were bluff,
wasnt easy, the whole thing was tough,
road to goodness was twisted & rough.

Atlast! ! Reejay was now decent & demure,
persona so good that it made many lure,
the statements he now makes seem to endure,
this was Timu's efforts and TIgi's dream for sure.

Finally the day came when their bond was being knot,
in a church, Timu was in 2nd pew with the gift he brought,
Tigi walking up to the center was thrilled a lot,
it was all perfect until in Tigi's sight Timu was spot.

That few second of eyes stick silenced all around
she felt as if TImu look through her in abound,
He suddenly felt what she meant, both were drown,
both had feelings of jumble, heart made unknown sound.

Then the father started exchange of vows for the wedlock,
asked Tigi to follow his words as Timu stopped his walk,
'I Tigi, take thee Timu, to be my husband...' all shock! !
Timu & Reejay couldnt believe... what did Tigi talk?

Tigi turned and took things out of blur, feelings put more clear,
both Silently were in love, unknowingly became the most dear,
Reejay was puzzled, thought he deserved for being insane earlier,
Timu & Tigi always adhere, started it all with a happiness tear.

- -
Dhanesh Aradhye

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Mandar Madhav 03 February 2009

hae thats cool i think i am no where stand i these poems and this is begining yaar

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