Dhear Vongjalorn Poems

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For My Dad

When I fall you lift me up.
When I cry you cheer me up.
When i get into fights you say it alright.
And thats why I love you with all my might.

It's Over

I am very sad, but i feel glad.
I feel hate but i am great.
When I am sad it just makes me go mad.
When i am going to cry I just start to fly.

The Love Of My Life

Dark at night you never leave my sight.
The dark is my fear but you make it all clear.
Waves flow I always drown, but you alway come around.
As I start to fight i lose my sight.


The love of my life is a lie.
The dream that I dream says good-bye.
The path that i walk everybody mocks.
The way i speak nobody seeks.

I Love You Mom

The story of my life may not seem so bright.
But I have the right to say what I like.
To make my life seem right.
To find that one that I like.

Always Here For U

For U

Your beatuy on the outside is just like
u in the inside
i never knew i could meet a person like u
it's like a dream come true. You are popluar


The love of my life i feel like you are out of my sight.
Where are you my dear?
Are you in trouble near?
As the street burn down I know you will come around.

The Lv Poem

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