It's Over Poem by Dhear Vongjalorn

It's Over

Rating: 5.0

I am very sad, but i feel glad.
I feel hate but i am great.
When I am sad it just makes me go mad.
When i am going to cry I just start to fly.
I am weak that why everybody calls me a freak.
You used to be my good luck clover but now

Gold Fish 12 October 2009

A poem that describes common life experiences in a clear and coherent manner, and full of emotion including an interesting play on words. I like the contrasting of verbs that you use in most lines. By the way, it’s okay to cry and it doesn’t mean you are weak or a freak. Crying is simply a way to release your emotions and cope with the situation. Not all people can cry even if they want to, so it’s actually a good thing. Some people may not understand it, but that’s alright. This is true for many things in life. Thanks for sharing.

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Eyan Desir 11 October 2009

A nice read with some rhymes not bad

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I love the rhyming in each line. I've never been in a break-up, but I have been in situations where my emotions are all over the place all at once and that's what this sounds like. Great poem!

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Milica Franchi De Luri 11 October 2009

lovely poem with nice thytham and rhymes.................10

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Shelly Shelly 10 October 2009

a very small poem full of feelings..a pain of leaving...nicely written...10 from me..

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