The Love Of My Life Poem by Dhear Vongjalorn

The Love Of My Life

Rating: 3.9

Dark at night you never leave my sight.
The dark is my fear but you make it all clear.
Waves flow I always drown, but you alway come around.
As I start to fight i lose my sight.
My eyes are blind but yet you make them open so wide.
As the picture fades
My love you always come into place.
My favorite color black rhymes with the love of my life zack
The touch of his hands create thousands of sand
There are million of stars that shine so bright but that explain when i look into his beautiful eyes! !

~*Random Nightmare*~ 15 October 2009

Wow. This is a wonderful poem. It's soo cute! Your so lucky that you've founf the love of your life! When I think I've got that, They always leave, So I don't really fall for that much when it's me. But you've got a talent! I love the rhyming! It's cute! 11 too. That's just wonderful! Well, you keep writing and the best of luck with zack!

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whoa. eleven and already writing soo deeply. until i was like twelve i just always supressed those things and kept it bottled up and now i let it flow with my poetry which is what you seem to have done here. nice rhyming, not forced or tacky either! ! ! ! ! i can't belive you got sooo lucky as to have found ur 'true love' so early tho. best of luck with zack! ! ! !

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Wow, being 11 and finding the love of your life must be wonderful. I didn't even ''like'' boys until I was 13 and I certainly don't plan on meeting my soul mate or anything anytime soon. Lovely poem!

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Milica Franchi De Luri 11 October 2009

Another good poem. You have a lot of incite, being only 11.

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Shelly Shelly 10 October 2009

an incredible writing....about someone really spcl in ur life..have connected the presence very nicely...10 again

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