I Love You Mom Poem by Dhear Vongjalorn

I Love You Mom

Rating: 5.0

The story of my life may not seem so bright.
But I have the right to say what I like.
To make my life seem right.
To find that one that I like.
I know you named the stars after me.
I know you made my sky blue.
Some days may be bad but I remember I always have you.

This poem is to my mom for she had my life always alright.
She will always love me for even when i do no right for her and my life! ! ! =)

Gold Fish 12 October 2009

These are your words that describe your life and what it is like, but even if it isn’t perfect you can shape it with your words to make it seem fine. To your mother it says, I know you would do anything for me for you have brought me into this world and everything I see is because of you. And even when times are bad, I remember you and know that everything will be okay. The title says it all, I love you Mom – you can’t miss it. This is a sincere poem meant for a loving mother, despite the situations of life; you know your mother loves you. It is very true; even in less than ideal circumstances those around us can make life seem so much better. People enrich our lives. We are social creatures that desire the company of others, and this is why we so benefit from relationships with others. You can do the same with this poem as I recommended for the poem about your father – give it to your mother. A child that has love for their parents and is able to express it as you are is one that should be cherished for not every child is as you are. I will leave it at that. Continue to write for it is good for the heart and mind, and if things get bad it will give you an outlet to express your emotions. Thanks for sharing.

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Shelly Shelly 11 October 2009

know you named the stars after me. I know you made my sky blue. tremendous lines...i loved them too much...true for mother..not only a mere word.. 10+++++++

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Milica Franchi De Luri 11 October 2009

This is lovely poem dedicated to your mum. It is bright and happy................good job. It deserves 10.

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