Diane Monte Poems

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My Life Is A Curse

I wish someone could help me out of this struggles
Fill the emptiness with Love and Care
Make me feel i am important
Worthy and Proud.

I Am Student Of Life

I am student of life,
destined to live life,
oblique to design my life,
yet I have God in my life,

I Will Take Care Of You

A cup of coffee in the morning,
With a sweet music to sing,
And a book that you keep on reading,
What a beautiful smile you have, my heart is melting.

Heaven Knows

I have been alone all my life,
Waiting for the right man to come,
Saving my loving heart for him to share,
And God will send the one,

Copy Paste Poetry

You are proud as a master poet,
Poetic soul with rhythmical intellect,
Verse and prose comes from you imaginative wit,
Be laud with a prolific languages steal our spirit.

The Bible Said!

I saw you standing
Thinking what to buy
Looking and searching around
A book that will make you glad.

I Need A Home

I do not know him at all,
Even his name for me is unknown,
His works are mystery sound,
But everyone loves him so much.

Dear Future Husband,

Everytime I talk to God,
You are always part of my prayer.
I know he made you,
With a heart to love me…

Dear Heart

Please guide yourself
Away from worldliness,
From enemy.

If I Could Only

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