I Will Take Care Of You Poem by Diane Monte

I Will Take Care Of You

Rating: 4.4

A cup of coffee in the morning,
With a sweet music to sing,
And a book that you keep on reading,
What a beautiful smile you have, my heart is melting.

A teary eye shouldn't be,
It is okay if you need help, let me please,
You won't get hurt, i won't leave,
I will carry you with love and hope.

I know your age is perfect
And it is a natural gift,
Dad, you are my bestmate right,
With me, everything will be alright.

Your grey hair is your beauty,
Do not be shy and worry,
Your Heart that speaks so affectionately,
Your smile keeps me loving you for eternity.

I will take care of you, No matter what,
I will take care of you, As long as i may live.

Happy Father's day Tatay😊

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: care,caregiving,father daughter,love,love and life
I wrote this poem for my father who loves us so much.
He is at his very old age....
My love for him will be eternity.
Denis Mair 01 September 2018

You start with things that give him joy...clearly his joy brings you joy. You speak of the cares that weigh on him...you are support him with glad music and anything he needs. Hearts bonded in joy and sadness can weather time's ravages.

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Sir Dennis, 11 June 2019

Thank you for that warm message... Truly, Great Fathers are God's gift.. Cheers for that.. Sincerely, Diane

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 September 2017

Sweet music to sing! ! Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Diane 11 June 2019

Thank you sir..

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Chinedu Dike 19 January 2017

Beautiful piece for a doting dad, elegantly brought forth from the heart with conviction. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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Diane Montemayor 04 September 2017

Dear Sir, Thanks for the wonderful comments. Sincerely, diane

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Unwritten Soul 10 October 2016

Awwww...what a touching write...May God bless your life for this sweet love to your pa

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Diane Montemayor 10 October 2016

Dear Sir Poet, Thank you..... Sincerely, diane

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Christopher Tye 07 October 2016

A wonderful tribute to your father, I hope you'll have many more moments to treasure with your family. Remember to always take the time to listen and learn as much as you can about parents life's.

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Diane Montemayor 07 October 2016

Dear Sir Christopher, Thank you..... My prayers is always for the goodness of my parents.....I pray that my parents will live long.. Sincerely, diane

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