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I wish someone could help me out of this struggles
Fill the emptiness with Love and Care
Make me feel i am important
Worthy and Proud.

I am student of life,
destined to live life,
oblique to design my life,
yet I have God in my life,

A cup of coffee in the morning,
With a sweet music to sing,
And a book that you keep on reading,
What a beautiful smile you have, my heart is melting.

I have been alone all my life,
Waiting for the right man to come,
Saving my loving heart for him to share,
And God will send the one,

You are proud as a master poet,
Poetic soul with rhythmical intellect,
Verse and prose comes from you imaginative wit,
Be laud with a prolific languages steal our spirit.

I saw you standing
Thinking what to buy
Looking and searching around
A book that will make you glad.

I do not know him at all,
Even his name for me is unknown,
His works are mystery sound,
But everyone loves him so much.

Please guide yourself
Away from worldliness,
From enemy.

Choose kindness over hatred,
Choose love without boundary,
Choose forgiveness without judgement,
Choose listening over complaints,

His name marvelously,
Born miraculously,
Son of the Almighty
Brother of many.

I am afraid
In the dark room where i stay
Lonely chair i have
Only my deep breath i feel.

Everytime I talk to God,
You are always part of my prayer.
I know he made you,
With a heart to love me…

I am here
I see you
I notice you
I know you need someone

My mind is always preoccupied with personal fulfillment,
Happiness relied on my success and achievement,
A heart of thankfulness does not matter or not a habit,
I am a selfish woman who takes pride but no gift of a good spirit.

One day in your life,
You will be needing me.

That one day,

I woke up and pray
on the 24th day of my birthday,
and the sun shines my day,
with the best smiles full with gay,

Lend me your ear , , , Lend me your heart either, , ,
Lend me a hand please, , , Or let me die on the street, ,
Listen, I can not hide thy fear, , ,
The thousand of deaths before me, , ,

This poem is dedicated to our own people in Dumaguete Philippines who are now under the German People foundation, HOME FOR GIRLS.

When you feel lost and no one cares, , ,

Diane Monte Biography

I am just a simple human being with just a simple PRINCIPLE in life: " LIVE WITH DISCIPLINE and WITH GOD'S PROVIDENCE" , that's how i see everything. Id plan to teach somewhere along the remote areas to help my fellow Filipinos, , , i am praying for this to come... Now i am engaged with helping less fortunate children in some nearby areas here in our country.... So help me God....)

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My Life Is A Curse

I wish someone could help me out of this struggles
Fill the emptiness with Love and Care
Make me feel i am important
Worthy and Proud.

I wish my parents do
And my brothers and sisters too.
But the way i see is just a wish
Wish that never come true.

Wish is just a wish
Dreams are just dreams
They are just an illusions
And never become a reality.

I will never make a wish nor a dream
Because it would make me feel the pain
Pain that will never be healed
No remedy
For a broken heart of mine.

I am totally sick
Entire my whole life
No happiness
No life at all.

Pain, pain, pain
Huh i am in pain
My heart is aching.
My life is in Pain

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Act of kindness shall be objective and just.

Act of kindness shall be objective and just.

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Diane Monte Popularity

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