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*~*~*~ Poets Praise ~*~*~*

Admiration and accolades, I send out to thee
Hours of enjoyment I have received
Painting a picture in eloquent words
You’re masters of the pen, to all you serve

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 April 2019

Admiration and accolades we receive and we thank God. Every person achieves much in life by his grace. I have just read poem of Diane Violet and very much pleased. This poem is excellently penned.

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Robert E Hann 09 October 2009

Diane has not only been a dear friend through the years, but has also been the inspiration for some of my best work. We also share a chapter in my book, 'The Adventures of Jingle Bells'. Thanx Diane. Robert

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John Tiong Chunghoo 25 December 2006

dear diane, i like the poem in bio. scream through a page. that's really great. looking to read more of your poems.

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Melvina Germain 20 October 2006

Diane is a very creative writer, I truly enjoy reading her work and I'm so happy to have found her here. I hope she continues to write for all to enjoy.--Melvina--

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Catastrophe King 15 August 2006

What she writes in her biography is commendable and has deeper meaning than the words..... Her poems are an experience; they are a journey anyone who loves the language would love to go through.

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Diane Violet Popularity