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leaving me you may go far away
Your remembrance is prominent to my heart
And It'll remain still
I'll not forget you ever.

I want to go out myself
From my eyes, breathe, thoughts...
And want to adjust there
With the untouched folks

Amorous night ends with dream
The received signals of heart
Make beautiful fragrance,
I transcend my body

Still feel you are not far away
Still my remembrance are as alive as morning of today
Our times are forever ours
My heart feels not pain of going away

I always want to keep up the relationship
That I come across on the way
During walking


Hope is a silver line
That is far away but so near
Hope is a train of thoughts
That mind absorbs as dear


Let us spend a little time
Within ourselves
Pandemic has sucked
All the ecstasy of life

Sunlight came and sucked the rain water,
A message came and soothed my anxiety,
The falling of the leaves and blowing of gentle breeze
Reminds me that you are composing your poem,


Life has taught me to think myself
As a hawker
But there is deep antipathy
To walk along with the roads and allies and lanes


On each child's face
My own childhood pierces

Whenever I remember our martyrs
Tears come down
But feel proud of them
And my head bends down



Now the actual question
About me: Do I know myself?


I fear

Now I fear to touch the old diary
That you gave me on my birthday

A stoic

Between coming and going
There is left

The person who writes the words of poem
The time of peace sticks to him-
Having left all evil thinking
I've bathed in the sacred water

In my sleeping often I see a light
In my sleeping often I feel a flight
Of drowsy wind
In my sleeping often I smell

I am captivated in earthly sum
I am masked when I come
To you, while living in the dark
Certainly, you are the best fellow at heart

Now I'm resting under the shade of remembrance of you
Now I'm in gleeful view
We are by the river Ganges
In Botanical Garden

Often it seems to me
No architect can create like
The tree itself,
No painter can beautify

No body waits for none
Everyone is there at own place
It it is time
That takes the examination

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Leaving Me You May Go Far Away

leaving me you may go far away
Your remembrance is prominent to my heart
And It'll remain still
I'll not forget you ever.

leaving me you may go far away
I may not be able walk with you
Side by side
The known ways will be unknown
The trodden paths may ask for coming once more
But I'll not
Our walking and togetherness will remain still
To my heart.

leaving me you may go far away
I must not hold your hands
You may not feel me
But I must
I must touch you all the days and night
As you must not be able to go far away
Leaving my heart.

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Anupama 01 May 2019

One of my favourite poets...

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Prabir Gayen 27 March 2019

Very talented poet.God bless you.

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Dipak Adhya 27 April 2018

this poem is my very pesonal feelings and thought...

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