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Some people are telling me
They are greater poets than I
More poetic natures

I am catastrophically lacking sense of humor.
My sensitivity threshold is too high,
And I'm laughing only from the most funny jokes.
All others don't get me, unfortunately.

As a physicist, I cannot understand writers.
What forces are acting between us?
I am attracted to them.
They are repelled from me.

Where the death is swinging its scythe
Quick is the poet's pen
The unavoidable end

I remember in the 80’s in Moscow
I was standing in my kitchen
With a book of Marxism-Leninism in my hands
Just slammed shut in indignation –

Katia Kapovich is a first-tier poet
With a Greek nose, sharp mind
And a thin figure of a runner
A veritable cipher 1

Cicero spoke to the sea.
I am waiting for Facebook's reply.
Who of us two is smarter?
I feel sad, still waiting for a reply..

There is nothing sacred for me.
Because of this in my presence
You never have to be anxious
About your freedom of speech.

If Brodsky could have written your poem,
Clearly you are mimicking him.
And if he couldn't have written your poem,
Your poem is no good,

I don't understand the readers
Reading poems
As poems written by a person
Who is writing poems

I am working day and night during one year
Making numerical calculations.
I hope to write a big paper,
Increase my publication list,

When I've hit you hard with a tennis ball
On a side of your head,
I was really sorry.

The US financial system
Is on the verge of collapse
This can happen any time
Within the next six months

Помню в 80 годы в Москве
Стоял я на кухне
С книжкой марксизма-ленинизма в руках
Только что захлопнутой в негодовании -

There are lots of people around
Who consider themselves
Finer than I.

Living close to Columbus Avenue
South of Columbia University
Not far from the corner of Central Park
Where the statue of the slave trader is standing

There was a time, they didn't read me
And then they read me little-by-little
But on the quiet
And didn't print

Shares are rallying on the glimmer of hope
Businesses are counting future profits
From the treaty achieved after a new conflagration
Culminating in talks talks talks

Nobody is reading anybody
Because everybody can write it better
On virtually any subject
Maybe not even deserving attention

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Poetry And Love

Some people are telling me
They are greater poets than I
More poetic natures

I answer
Then write something
Or type it
And I'll read
And make friendly comments
Maybe I'll suggest improvements

I am thinking of my little daughter
When they asked her
How she loves her father
She answered
Holding hands

So what then is poetry?
Everyone understands it differently
Can poetry be without a pen or keyboard?
Can it be without action?

Poetry is love

New York,29 October 2014

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