Donald R Wolff JR Poems

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Moonlight Mouse

As moonlight uncovers
Ye ole mouse takes a scurry
The old owl sees
Yet mouse is quite unafraid

Light Of Mine Heart

Blue, are mine eyes so pure of heart
Forever will always be lovedĀ 
If only hereafter, when life passes, ours
Mine love to be mine; Never part

Woe Away

Woe away. oh worried me
My house; My home;
Now in the sea

Love Anew

When the stars up above, they shine
Together, when a darkened night
No Moon is present in the sky
Just alone is, you an I

Loveless Discover

Love, Nae forever promised
Dream away thy hope concerning precious years
A feeling ever felt, then lonely
May bewitch a wishful yearning, fear

I Weep

I weep
Not for myself but for all life I see
The flowers, the bears and even the trees
For what I encounter becomes feeling in me

Star-Light Little One

Way high in the night they do so ever shine
Make a wish, Then you shall find them;
Turning much more bright

Mine To Ask

My dearest love, True love, 'Desire'
For mine, for love
This burning fire


Nobody likes me, but I do
Nobody needs me, but I do
To be alone, I am aware
When the days are warm I have me to share

From Thoughts Within

Sometimes, no reason, I ponder why
A trip I'll take within my mind
Amid I seek and there I find
Me- Myself- And here am I

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