Donald R Wolff JR Poems

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Moonlight Mouse

As moonlight uncovers
Ye ole mouse takes a scurry
The old owl sees
Yet mouse is quite unafraid

Love Anew

When the stars up above, they shine
Together, when a darkened night
No Moon is present in the sky
Just alone is, you an I

Loveless Discover

Love, Nae forever promised
Dream away thy hope concerning precious years
A feeling ever felt, then lonely
May bewitch a wishful yearning, fear

I Weep

I weep
Not for myself but for all life I see
The flowers, the bears and even the trees
For what I encounter becomes feeling in me

Star-Light Little One

Way high in the night they do so ever shine
Make a wish, Then you shall find them;
Turning much more bright

Mine To Ask

My dearest love, True love, 'Desire'
For mine, for love
This burning fire

Hazel Eyes

Through childlike hazel eyes I see
A butterfly above, I cannot reach
Warm the air with a gentle breeze
So green the leaves atop of all the trees


Nobody likes me, but I do
Nobody needs me, but I do
To be alone, I am aware
When the days are warm I have me to share

From Thoughts Within

Sometimes, no reason, I ponder why
A trip I'll take within my mind
Amid I seek and there I find
Me- Myself- And here am I


To brighten up a day
Be polite in every way
If you have not a word of praise
Just a smile will simply say

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