Moonlight Mouse Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Moonlight Mouse

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As moonlight uncovers
Ye ole mouse takes a scurry
The old owl sees
Yet mouse is quite unafraid
Little known facts are how mouse survives
Old owl won't have Little Mouse' on this day

Mouse now a lion and ever so daring
He encounters a fox along his pathway
The silver toned monster grins at poor mouse
Poor mouse had a smile, and nothing to say

So afraid was the lion who was a small mouse
Ole mouse too afraid to just run away
Fox could hardly believe, how daring, defying
To stare in the face of a mouse ever brave

Here is a mouse so tiny in stature
A morsel to swallow with so little taste
The fox now believing this mouse must be crazy
Turned swishing his tail and left in a haste

The mouse now a Dragon, So bold and so brave
He thought to himself, earnest to say
I may be a mouse, small am I made
To be honest, 'I Mouse; ' Like it this way


Moonlight Mouse
Sylvia Frances Chan 04 March 2021

Last week, or more days ago, I submitted here on PH a self created song sung by my eldest grandson,3 years old,

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Jazib Kamalvi 04 March 2021

Such a nice poem, Donald R. W. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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Varsha M 04 March 2021

Beautiful allegory. Yes we all are mouse but when it comes to our life this very mouse becomes lion and even dragon. Beautiful sir.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 05 March 2023

Moonlight Mouse, adorable poem, most adorable mouse!

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Cat Chapman 13 October 2021

This little poem conjures up such amazing visions for me!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 March 2021

I have enjoyed your excellent metaphored poem. Loveliest with bit of humor.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 March 2021

In Vinhie's song was involved tha snow, beacuse we just had snow so huge to play with and the more. What clever was that he uses the theme of snow in his song. The tune he created also. That poem is still circling on PH, I think

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 March 2021

since I am proud that he has sung this song in his nursery class, I have got the video from his nursery teacher, she was also proud of the little boy. His theme was also about a mouse but versus a big crocodile, but this mouse was afraid and ran away!

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