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You seduced me
with trickery
and afterwards
memories of our encounter

Driven from my house
by greedy landlords
who think
it's theirs,

First he came for the immigrants, and I did not speak out, or spoke too quietly-
Because I was not an immigrant.
Then he came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out, or at least, did not speak loudly enough—
Because I was not a Muslim.

Was listening
to an old Trumplican bag
in Florida
being interviewed.

American foster mother
you brought your bottomless,

There are so many of them
there's no keeping
track of them.
Writing sappy poems

The governor
has told everyone
to cut loose,
to gather in

He stands in long lines
outside banks and 7/11's
the masked bandit,
waiting for his chance

It's not

Mark Twain
was the first
to write an important novel
- -Tom Sawyer- -

First of all,
he's not Ingrid Bergman,
the other, impossibly beautiful,

Not sure how it happened
but I find myself
circling Earth
on my own


The professors,
who have taught
in person
their whole lives,

Starting a poem
is something like
starting a run

My beloved shrink,
now dead herself,
once told me
it might be helpful

Wallace, as handsome a blue eyed cat
as you could ever hope to see
went on walkabout
while his mistress

Oh how I envy
He may
or may not


This poem
has at least
a chance
to outlive

At the back of the line
For Lear
at the Delacorte

I want to know
what became
of the kid
in my infantry brigade

The Best Poem Of Doug Lane


You seduced me
with trickery
and afterwards
memories of our encounter
intrigued and sickened me.

I have your number.
Should I go back for more
or let you hover
in my mind,
an unexplored possibility,
and nauseating?

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