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How could such a Beautiful Angel fall in such a way?
Free falling into a deep abyss of her angelic mind,
And becoming constrained to her thoughts and
Shackled in all of her loneliness.

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
You knock me down but still I crawl
I gaze into your empty light
Dark is day and day is night


Warm tears trickle down my face like a cold rain.
Mirrored glasses fog as they try to conceal my pain.
The hurt inside consumes me like a black hole.
Tearing up everything that crosses its event-horizon!

Look through your eyes at the World, what do you see?
Do you see skies of Blue and trees of Green?
Do you see a place full of happiness and full of peace?
... Take a look through my eyes and see what I see.

They are the kind of eyes that can pierce through the soul,
The kind you lock on to and never want to let go;
As if emerald and jade made sweet passionate love,
To produce that perfect shade of green that drives me crazy

Anytime I can catch just a quick glimpse of you,
My heart melts as the butterflies consume me.
I can't breathe nor swallow,
While I am lost in your natural beauty!

Lust and desire fill you all the way up.
As you lie on your back and slip off your pants,
Your eyes tell me of your Promiscuous intentions.
On your back, legs are spread.

My heart is a menagerie filled with Faberge Eggs.

Tired and Weak, Cracking at its edge.

Begging for your attention.
Starving for your love.
Sobbing for your happiness.
Thirsting for your lust.

Crazy is relative to the beholder—what you find Crazy I find—normal
Am I crazy for loving you the way I do—If so then put me in an institution—
Cause I would rather be crazy in love—than sane and not.
Baby—It takes millions of people to make this world—but only you to make—Mine—This heart of mine has grown so fond of you—am I Crazy in love? If so then lock me up—take my shoe laces—and prescribe me a lifetime of meds—

I like to imagine how you really are—
An Angel with a dark side—Mysterious and—
Heavenly— yet dressed in black—with—an—
Affinity for things that go bump in the night.

I am So Sorry I hurt you,
Words that are void and empty.
Meaningless to the intelligent,
But hold Purpose to the ignorant.

You held me so tight,
In your arms last night.
I felt so good in your
Warm embrace!


Dark temptations are impossible to resist,
as I sit in the dark and stare at my wrist.
My Chemical addiction gives me an unquenchable thirst.
It is my only release to escape my hurt.

Loneliness—Heartache—Despair—all words that flow into the darkness of my thoughts!
Questions—left unanswered—as though my joy turned to pain!
Still Riddled by the suddenness of my situation—trying to solve this puzzle,
My thoughts twist and turn as if trying to solve the Rubik's Cube—to no avail!

Feelings of Loneliness flood through my thoughts,
Currents swiftly drown me in my own isolation-
The rain drops of solitude pound my weary head,
Falling from the ominous clouds of despair!

You slowly and seductively start thrusting your pelvis—back and forth—
All over me—as you straddle me—biting your lower lip—pheromones are
Dancing all through the air—as you give me that come hither look—once
Again—I beg you to untie me—but you wait—just a little longer—teasing

Your love is a wicked labyrinth that cannot be escaped, All-consuming like a cancerous tumor full of pain and hate.
As I gaze in terror at your evil maze, the only colors I can see are dreary Dark black and Crimson Red.

You taunt me with sweet poetic words,
And tease me with your beauty from afar.
How I long to fulfill your every fantasy,
And press my lips next to yours!

Every sweet word
That comes off your lips
Makes my emotions
Grow stronger.

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I just really enjoy writing. It is my release, even if i am not very good at it. If you have any questions just ask! Thanks)

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Fallen Angel

How could such a Beautiful Angel fall in such a way?
Free falling into a deep abyss of her angelic mind,
And becoming constrained to her thoughts and
Shackled in all of her loneliness.
I just want to reach out my hand and pull her back up
Tell her to hold her head up as high as the mountains..
Because I am here for this Fallen Angel.
I will illuminate her path and get her out of
This darkness that consumes her.
Nothing is more sad than the sound of an
Angel Crying, crying alone in all her darkness
Such a terrible sound to hear the tears of
An angel falling to the earth from up above.
Spread your wings and fly beautiful angel,
Fly as free and high as you can,
For tomorrow holds new joy—
And new promise,
And you cannot fall forever!

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