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1. Wicked Labyrinth 6/1/2012
2. Soulless Americans 6/12/2012
3. Poetic Angel 6/25/2012
4. Just The Way I Feel 7/2/2012
5. Never Say Goodbye 8/6/2012
6. Forbidden Love Of A Capulet And A Montegue 8/10/2012
7. A Day Of Love! 8/13/2012
8. Strip Tease Part 1 8/13/2012
9. My Imperfections 7/13/2012
10. Strip Tease Part 2 (Of 3) 8/14/2012
11. Holocaust Of The Heart... 7/9/2012
12. Gasoline 12/12/2012
13. Ashes 6/22/2012
14. Darkness Falls Upon Me 11/14/2012
15. Dream Girl 7/11/2012
16. So Sorry I Hurt You 6/19/2012
17. Angel With A Dark Side 8/13/2012
18. Crazy Love 8/15/2012
19. Glass Menagerie Heart 6/1/2012
20. Promiscuous Eyes 6/19/2012
21. Soul Mate 6/1/2012
22. Natural Beauty 6/11/2012
23. Angel Of Mine 9/12/2012
24. My Hurt Eyes 6/1/2012
25. Hurt 6/1/2012
26. Sexual Tease 6/4/2012
27. The Man In The Mirror 6/11/2012
28. Fallen Angel 7/16/2012

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Fallen Angel

How could such a Beautiful Angel fall in such a way?
Free falling into a deep abyss of her angelic mind,
And becoming constrained to her thoughts and
Shackled in all of her loneliness.
I just want to reach out my hand and pull her back up
Tell her to hold her head up as high as the mountains..
Because I am here for this Fallen Angel.
I will illuminate her path and get her out of
This darkness that consumes her.
Nothing is more sad than the sound of an
Angel Crying, crying alone in all her darkness
Such a terrible sound to hear the tears of
An angel ...

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Warm tears trickle down my face like a cold rain.
Mirrored glasses fog as they try to conceal my pain.
The hurt inside consumes me like a black hole.
Tearing up everything that crosses its event-horizon!
Give me all the worlds' pain to bottle up inside me.
Lock up my Pandora's Box of Hurt and Pain forever,
And toss the key into the sea.
My Hurt only deepens, never regressing.
It is my burden to bear until the day I die,

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