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Summer Haiku

Dragonfly brigade
Drifting on the summer's breeze
Dart aimless union


Echoes of a whisper in the valley of my dreams
Say to my heart don’t give up on life it seems
Shadows of yesterday’s hope cloud my eyes today
While tears of joy my soul sings as I quietly pray

Rugged Kind Of Angel

Dear one, your anger with me does amaze
Say you won’t talk the rest of our days
Well, that’s all right by me,
Oh sweetie can’t you see?

Heart In Richwood


Artist's Touch

With an old, sturdy trusty brush in his well-worn, skilled right hand
Upon new oil canvas he's ready to begin covering the barren and bleak
For slowly an image of a miracle begins to take place, a united stand
Finesse and steady strokes until a story unfolds, equally strong and meek

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Unwritten Soul 21 January 2012

Glad to see you back writing your thought in unwritten space again, keep writing Dove, let the words from your mind fly like a real dove, free and free..I hope you always find a strength whenever you need, and the strength you found must to share to whom that need it..Keep writing to free your soul! _Unwritten Soul

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I am a dreamer...lost love haunts me like tomorrow's shadows. A grandmother of 14 angels thus far and a mother/mother-in-law to 10 wonderful hearts. I derive my inspiration from my soul, my yearnings for what could have been, what is and what may yet come to pass. With God's blessings, I will achieve the peace of mind afforded the thirsty man in the desert of life who drinks from the fountain of everlasting love.

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