Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek Poems

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The One Thousand Miles Journey Begins Today

This poem is dedicated to Omer Adegair - shedding tears of (happiness and sadness) . This poem is dedicated to the young Sudanese generation who made the change with bare hands in their peaceful uprising of December 2018*

Let's begin the march
The one thousand miles today

Did The Elephant Fly Or The Rhino Lay Eggs?

I feel sad as sadness could be
Cause I'm afraid that one day;
I may not be able to say;
To my grandchildren, why animals deserted our planet

My Village

It is a long time since
I left my African Village
And to town I made my the passage
With a bundle of clothes

Maya Angelou: You Will Remain Phenomenal

Maya Angelou, you are original
So, you are phenomenal

My Wife

My wife
You are the essence of my life
My free space
Where no one could dare to trace

Years & Tears

Sudanese were suffering since the military coup of 1989 by Omar Albasheer.

Millions of tears
Were shed at all spheres

Freedom Is A State Of Mind

I am a helpless bird in this cage
It is my home prison
And for no good reason
It is a half metre range

Dreams & Hopes

Dreams are the bliss for the bride in her first marriage day
And the hope for the sailor in a rough sea
And the delight of a graduate to get an (A)

From Prison Residency To Presidency

In an endless horizon,
In a lonely Zone
The Robben Island stood alone

A Strange Dream

It was just a dream, a strange dream
It was a dream, only a dream,
That I saw the elephant in the streets of Khartoum
Walking with a leisurely pace

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