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Anger is fire
It burns the soul
Anger is deep sea
Drowns one to death

Everybody wants
A healthy body
A compassionate heart
A fine smooth mind

Your Simplicity
Makes you more beautiful
Than the most beautiful
Melody of your voice

Lies in the eyes
Of the beholder
How one takes it

The fate of hate is hate
Hate was his way of life
Humanity he did not like
Killed thousands

Nobody listens
To anybody
Everybody thinks
He knows the most

It is not easy to
Remain human
Live like a saint
Behave like god

Life is a waiting game
One keeps waiting
To accomplish
Ambitions aspirations

An invisible thread

Of understanding

Some people
Like to live in
Either they are

I kept
Living in darkness
With pessimism
In my

Life is neither still
Nor does anybody wants it to be
Still like a dead wood
Pebbles of grief sorrow happiness

Knows no boundaries
Is not limited to any
Age Cast color or creed

It is easier to
Ignite fire
On the peak of
A snow clad mountain

When one's own
Become one's enemy
One does not need
Others to hurt him

One day in my sleep
I was dreaming in my dream
Dreaming in another dream
Dreaming in dreams

I forget all other sounds
When I listen
To the music of nature
It soothes my heart and soul

When I am lonely

Words flow

Life is
Like a spiders web
Many tiny strands of
Desire, relations


</>Fear exists
In every mind
Some fear death
Some fear life

Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar Biography

Dental Surgeon by profession, perturbed by double standards of individuals and society since childhood.I am on the the journey of life, trying to do something creative and expressing my thoughts and feelings till the end of the journey.... Associated with many organizations involved in betterment of society at large. About 8000 poems, stories written so far in English, Hindi and Urdu mixed Hindi language.Authored 5 books.)

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Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger

Anger is fire
It burns the soul
Anger is deep sea
Drowns one to death
Anger is a storm
Blows one
Out of the world
Anger is demon
Overpowers the mind
Anger is a virus
Slowly kills a person
Anger is evil
Brings one closer to hell
Anger is madness
Makes one suffer
Anger is an enemy
Destroys one slowly
Turns friendship
Into enmity
Always remember
Anger is
One letter short of
It takes its toll
Does not spare
A single soul

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Amin Zaini 08 May 2014

Nice doctor, I enjoyed it

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 December 2013

Dr. Rajendra Tela, Nirantar One of the talented poet His poems on beauty, love, friendship, All emotions related to society, Flows freely like a cool breeze. Very pleasant to read. It’s really an amazing gift you are blessed with. I took an inspirations from few of your poems. May you keep on contributing your valuable poems to this poetic world. Wishing you all the Best. God Bless!

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Kee Thampi 20 May 2012

Will do wonders Without any effort Do not depend On fate Believe it or not Karma good man qwith a pen to deliver new mission

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Kee Thampi 20 May 2012

This poet, a man with a pen to make a pagan to karma Will do wonders Without any effort Do not depend On fate Believe it or not Karma

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Work to your strength Not to your weakness

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Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar Popularity

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