Dr. Yogesh Sharma Poems

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I yearn to relish the sweet memories of your love.
The very aura, tingled and mingled me,
With an angelic bliss.
A sense of completeness cannot be explained


Man lives with hope,
And dies with hope,
Hope is a thing,
For all the wings.

Long Live Apartheid

I was feeling sad and red,
I didn’t know, which way, nation was going.
There were quotas all around,
Communal, caste, gender, language, regional and physical,

O Mohammad

A light hidden deep in stacks of straw,
And blankets dense of darkness mound,
You blasted into world with celestial flaws,
A hand for believers who live in gloom round.


O mighty creation of god but slighted,
Since the dawn of life,
You bear the insult and heavily suffered,
And carry spiritual light, glory of civilization and strife.


Babyhood is a spring playing,
Follow its source in the sand,
And its vibrations, flowing, growing,
Childhood can revitalize the barren land.

Akbar The Great

Don’t slaughter the innocent of Chittor,
Oh! Akbar the Great,
Of brutality and barbarism.
Ending the light of thirty thousand lives,

Deep Within

Today, I want to ask myself
What is it, that makes me weak?
It is a monotonous day round
Or the fear I abound,

Teacher, Soldier With A Pen

Teacher is a soldier with a pen and an eternal guide
Lighting wisdom to mind decayed and white,
Floating tirelessly till dark with no pride,
Without fear and favor telling tales bright.

Brand Name

God send me on the earth, an innocent being,
Untouched by the black and white doing,
But the world branded me as a Brahmin,
And a curse fallen on this urchin,

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