O Mohammad Poem by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

O Mohammad

Rating: 4.8

A light hidden deep in stacks of straw,
And blankets dense of darkness mound,
You blasted into world with celestial flaws,
A hand for believers who live in gloom round.

Flowed the gifts immense in a world so dry,
Enriched by the selfish love high,
River of blood flowed from never die man’s pie,
Blood for blood, eye for eye, became pleasure sigh.

Alas! His disciples made hell this world’s lot,
A bloody inferno where jihadis slit innocent throats,
Where bullet and bombs freely hurled and float,
In a mad and bloody world we gloat.

O Mohammad! Once again reincarnate yourself to purge,
And treat the world, crying for dirge.

Marla Smith 06 May 2009

I like it. It decribes alot of feellings that are going on over there.

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Subroto Chatterjee 06 May 2009

I'm sure you've many followers in what you've written... Yes, lets give peace a chance, in this kalyug.. Cheers. Subroto

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Kara Vernon 05 May 2009

This poem is full of emotion once u look deeply into it ur not afraid to speak up and dats good.

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Ur not afraid to speak of ur religion i love that about this poem and u! !

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Anjali Sinha 02 May 2009

yeh HIS principles are so perfect na he taught us the brotherhood of man so perfect in all respects but then its this stupid man who is to be blamed not HE. Its this mortal man who has created all these barriers surely a ++10 anjali

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 22 August 2015

TRULY, every prophet has taught peace but man didn't maintain it

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Mohammad Muzzammil 05 November 2010

Yeah, Mohammad (peace be upon him) has taught us brotherhood along with faith. According to Mohammad (peace be upon him) If a person kills an innocent one, he is as he has slain whole humanity, and if a person saves one, he is as he has saved the entire humanity. Jihad is a holy war that is fought when Islam is in danger but first of all we have to fight a jihad with our Desires. Have you ever noticed or thought about the people of Palestine who are disowned in their own country? Wild Israelis are showering bombs upon them. When they fight, they are called terrorist, why? Not only being a poet but also being a wise one, we should see the whole matter on broad spectrum to analysise.

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You have definitely captured the ugly side of our world. 'Blood for blood, eye for eye, became pleasure sigh.' So true.

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Abida Rahman 09 May 2009

Oh MashaAllah! What sadness has overcome this world... Inshallah kheer

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Kaylee Powell 07 May 2009

I'm not sure how to word this, I have no religion but, your poem...is enlightening...It gave me a deep sense of pity and spiritual conection. Bravo ~Kaylee Powell

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