Kumarmani Mahakul Dream Poems

In A Dream Sun Never Sets

East is morning gymnasium,
West is evening gymnasium,
Sun after waking up thinks,
And everyday does exercise,

Owl In Dream Of Son

Our oldest son saw a dream,
This was of midnight moment,
A white owl appeared at home,
Shaking feathers owl flew again.

Rain Has Come With Dream

Beauty of clouds enter mind,
Life cherishes with expectation,
Entire sky is glad seeing them,
Rain has come, rain has come.

God In Dream You Talk To Us

We are sleeping now hearing your song,
In lap of nature this beautiful night lays,
We have given you our all burdens in trust,
Now we are relaxing and sleeping on bed.

Dreaming More To Dream You

Daily from morning to the dusk
From night to whole of the day
I am dreaming to urge reality
Yes, I catch this dream soon.

Sweet Dream Dear God

Night has come, Life has come,
In this tired mood still we feel,
We zeal to have dreams of joy,
Sweetness attracts ever in love,

Dream Of Midnight

I am in deep sleep now,
Still I am in rise,
An angel has come
With white feathers

Dream Time

Time of dream has turned,
Now we can rest and sleep,
To see new dream we love,
We love to talk to God.

Under The Tree Stones Dream

Gathering in mass and unity,
Many stones in this land
Under a tree they dream,
To gain faces of love and softness,

Night's Dream Of Joy

Night is dreaming to get joy
When light will come soon,
Life will be motivated and
Lie will vanish soon.

In Dream You Are Flying

For catching moment of light,
You are sleeping and dreaming,
Gaining fresh wings in body,
You will fly in so far sky.

You have brought elements of sleep
These are glow-worms and Stygian night’s leap.
Cuddle of mother to her birdies,
Warmth of mother mutes the worries.

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