Dream Wheel (A Comment To Valsa George In Her Poem Five Liner-Sleep Of Dt.16.6.2015) Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Dream Wheel (A Comment To Valsa George In Her Poem Five Liner-Sleep Of Dt.16.6.2015)

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You have brought elements of sleep
These are glow-worms and Stygian night’s leap.
Cuddle of mother to her birdies,
Warmth of mother mutes the worries.
Indulgent grip of sleep brings a dream,
“Sleep is your poem full of cream.
I have no word to offer you thank,
May God bless you for poesy bank?
This is the comment to Valsa in poem ‘Sleep’,
Which moves the dream wheel of life jeep?
‘Sleep’ poem is so lovely so beautiful,
Dear poetess and poet please read mindful.

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary
Poet’s Note about the Poem
This poem is written as comment to the poem Five Liner-“Sleep” by Valsa George. She has described about night, glow-worms, little birdies and their mother and dream in heart touching words. In order to comment this poem poet has composed this poem. In this poem he says, ” You have brought the elements of Sleep, These are glow worms, leap of Stygian night, cuddle of mother to little birdies, and warmth of mother‘s lap which brings sleep and mutes worries. Indulgent grip of sleep brings dream. ‘Sleep’ is your poem that is full of cream I feel. It is so pleasant to me that I have no word to thank you. May god bless you for your poetic life? ” Poet after comment says, “This is the comment in the form of poem to five liner- ‘Sleep’ composed by Valsa George on date 16.6.2015 which moves the dream wheels of life jeep. Poet requests the poetess and poet to read this poem of Valsa George mindfully.” This is the theme of the poem in brief. This is written in Sambalpur, Odisha, India and is dedicated to the people of the world.
Stygian -dark and gloomy
Cuddle- an affectionate embrace
Leap – trap
Indulgent - gratify
Pushpendra Patel 12 February 2019

This is a great and nice reply to poetess Valsa George, who is a nice and excellent poetess. Your effort is highly appreciated.10

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 27 June 2015

A good tribute to the poetess through this comment poem

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Akhtar Jawad 21 June 2015

A beautiful comment and a beautiful poem as well...................10

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 June 2015

Elements of sleep are with the muse of life. Nice work.

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Lyn Paul 18 June 2015

A lovely poem for Valsa who is a beautiful treasure. I thank you and like your sense of humour too.

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA
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