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Black Lives Matter.

Thomas Jefferson said 'we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, '
(TRUE But Not for the Black man)

'that they are endowed by the Creatorwith certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life'

Life Is Not Life Without Light

In a round way of life
what does a man need?
a woman to be call a wife?
or a plot to grow some wheats?

Christianity 2

Take me to the old Christianity
Where divinity shows  up in our humanity
Where Christians get tested positively  for faith not fear
Where they walking in righteousness  knowing  the end is near

Who Killed Her?

He was  rude
They got into a fight
And he posted  her nude.
Her nakedness  became  a tourist site

The Beauty Of Life

The Beauty of life is
our children, our pride, our wives
In the middle of this microcosm of life
It's always the little things that matters

I Am Sorry

I'm so sorry the sun rises and sets,
The silver moon shimmers at night,
I'm sorry I know your smile is sweet,
Sweet as love and the pain the heart feels.

To My Dear Mum

</>For my dear mum, on this usual day
I write you a poem, in my own special way
I wanted to tell you, in words of my own
You’re the most precious person that I have ever known.

Men At War

War Zone
Dust up. sounds of deadly bullets and bombs
Trigger squeeze blood spill its the combat zone..
Soilders at war. I don't wanna fight i just wanna go home

Heroes And Villains

One mission one life one kill
Is the bond of the brotherhood
Mission success never go down hill
So far is we all united good


As my dinner get ready
I realize the dinner table is empty
The house sounds as dead as the grave yard
No whisper of your voice and that's driving me mad