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God knows that I've fallen in love
Since the day I was born
I've felt that you and I are bound together
When I see you

Sun Burnt Me.....

I walked to the door step
It was a sunny day
Uncle Johnny called me outside
I ran and passed the pine tree

*****life Is Created For Love*****

To live a life
Person needs a HEART
To have a heart
Person needs a HEARTBEAT

*****destiny Of Our Lives******

When the life blossoms
Destiny engraved in our lives
When virtue and vice sway to and fro
Energized and driven by supernatural forces

****my Best Friend Far Away From Me****

For almost nine years, we’ve been best friends
You're my special exceptional and memorable friend
Our friendship is based on purity and truth.
Our friendship is so strong gentle and sweet

Dulakshi Wakista Comments

Ricky Baker 22 February 2010

dat wuz nice...i can feel where u comin frm

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Ricky Baker 22 February 2010

i liked it.....dat wus deep

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Dot Loserr 20 February 2010

That was a very deep, romantic and touching poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 10 February 2010

quite passionate by feeling, yet ex-pressed through imagery having smooth sensibilities, well done, keep on writing

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