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God knows that I've fallen in love
Since the day I was born
I've felt that you and I are bound together
When I see you

I walked to the door step
It was a sunny day
Uncle Johnny called me outside
I ran and passed the pine tree

To live a life
Person needs a HEART
To have a heart
Person needs a HEARTBEAT

When the life blossoms
Destiny engraved in our lives
When virtue and vice sway to and fro
Energized and driven by supernatural forces

For almost nine years, we’ve been best friends
You're my special exceptional and memorable friend
Our friendship is based on purity and truth.
Our friendship is so strong gentle and sweet

Oh! night arrived
At black midnight
The leaves fluttered and
The trees quivered

Its body was black and scary
Having pop-eyed
Invisible like a shadow
Appeared then disappeared

I marvelled
and stood in bewilderment
When it was dark and raining
When all at once

A power of love
is a magical thing,
The power of love
is intense and full of emotion,

Ah! La nuit est venue
Tout noir minuit
Les feuilles voltigèrent et les arbres frémirent
Le vent souffla avec rage

Star clusters are seen as faint patches
In Southern Hemisphere - Magellanic patches
In Northern Hemisphere - Spirals of a billion stars.
Initially stars look white - twinkling in the atmosphere

Cherries are blooming after cold winter
Chirping birds awaken my Grandpa
Comes outside to see his lovely children
Considers his orchard as his nursery

Pouvoir de l’amour est un sentiment magique
C’est un plaisir et préférence
Pouvoir de l’amour est intense et pleine d’émotion

Sunlight came on to my bed
Suffusing my room with a golden hue
Shimmering my mermaid mirror
Sparkling it like a star

In the darkest days of our lives
A chance of our survival
lies on a simple, humble man
who gifted our lives like a nobleman

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God knows that I've fallen in love
Since the day I was born
I've felt that you and I are bound together
When I see you
My heartbeats fast
When I close my eyes
I feel you're with me
Everytime and everywhere I can see you
Such a lovely moment!
My heart is filled so full of love
We're over joyed
Our love is true like a spring
God said,
“True lovers cannot detach from each other”
Yet isn't it strange
That fate has not decided to make us one?
It's time for us to depart from each other
But still you're a God given precious gift!

Love is a sacrifice, yet…
Our love can be expressed without saying a single word
I know I can't belong to you
For you now belong to another
Let us make this sacrifice together
For each others' sake
Tho' it'll shatter our hearts to end our true love
Maybe God
Didnot intend us to be of one soul
We'll bury our love within our hearts
But I still love you
Alas! a wound in my heart
That'll never heal
I promise
You're the only one in my heart till eternity
Oh! God
Reincarnate me as his beloved princess again

Dulakshi Wakista Copyright 2010

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Ricky Baker 22 February 2010

dat wuz nice...i can feel where u comin frm

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Ricky Baker 22 February 2010

i liked it.....dat wus deep

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Dot Loserr 20 February 2010

That was a very deep, romantic and touching poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 10 February 2010

quite passionate by feeling, yet ex-pressed through imagery having smooth sensibilities, well done, keep on writing

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