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Through my works, I get to express myself and my freedom of speech. While we are restricted in some ways, many of us choose to do things this way.
In reality, having a conversation is lifeless and dull. This is the real 'Pong'..
My true expressions..

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School, it is stressing at times.
Many times I don't even have it on my mind.
School is good, and it is bad, there are times I think that I'm
going to mad.

Family Tree

Eventhough she sometimes talk about the past
I know that my love for her
It will last.
Like the link of a chain


Many times I see my girl shedding tears
In this world people got all type of fears
But I try my best to stop her from crying
I know to you it may seems that I am lying

Sweet Girls

Plenty girls wonder with their eyes.
They look at me with a suprise,
They seem to have a nice shapes and wear small size,


How can you live without sex in your life.......
Sex in the morning
Sex in the evening
Sex at night

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09 January 2015

Love is Sweet, also is Sugar But they're both addicted like Cigarettes and Coffee.

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