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I'm Ed 16 years old Love to write poems. Recently won my high schools talent show with some poems that I wrote,
so if you want to check them out go for it.

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The Moon Is Down

The Moon is down
your gone the suns up
i'm not; your up living
another day with joy and

i'm lying down staring at the ceiling with an
empty feeling not knowing what to do. the night comes up
the moon is up I look at it think of you with a blue mood

I look at the moon once again. once its down i'm on the couch
alone looking back at those memories we spent together
looking up at the stars and turning our heads towards the moon,
sharing that moment. The moon is down your gone i'm here alone
staring at the only thing that reminds me of you not wishing for the moon to come down.

-Ed Torres

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Eduardo Torres Popularity

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