Edward Hester Poems

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Winning And Losing

There are many who, like me or you
Seek gain without a loss
We work and work, by hook or crook
To win and be the boss.


A good horse and some open prairie
Can free the mind and e‘motions daily

So me ‘n Symbol a’riding go

The Gift

Dawn of my Heart
When first we met,


Breathlessly, she watched me approach;
Slowing, I considered her slim good looks.
Her tentativeness captured my heart-the wind
Moving her green raiment, so – provocatively.

Little Ship

My little ship is stout and strong.
She stands against the gale.
My mast will hold again the storm
And bear the winded sail.

Nobody Knows Us

Nobody knows our names
We were you, but you won't be one again
Like...you knew us as yourself
Yet no...one....is.....here.....as Yourself

Wilow's Song

Midnight on the Land
Where the ancestors gather
I wait.

The Shaman

In the Land of the Bear in the Year of the Long Winter, the Sun returned at last to the Land
And the People gathered to celebrate the coming-through-of the hard-times.

The Castle Queen

Once there was a castle strong
With walls near nine feet thick;
Black granite drawn from Scottish coasts
Iron gates from London picked.

The Tracker

I dreamt I was a Hunter strong
Of cunning, stealth and skill
Who tracked the Tiger through the night
And never missed his kill.